Théo Winterhalter

Personnal Information

Théo Winterhalter — Computer Science Student at ENS Cachan

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Chalmers (Göteborg, Sweden)

2015 (5 months) — under the supervision of Andreas Abel
An Extension of Martin-Löf Type Theory with Sized Types

LIRMM (Montpellier, France)

2014 (2 months) — under the supervision of Laurent Imbert and Eleonora Guerrini
Can Covering Systems Defeat SCA?


ENS CACHAN Computer Science

2016-2017 — Internship abroad

2015-2016 — MPRI (M2), 3rd yeat at ENS Cachan

2014-2015 — MPRI (M1), 2nd year at ENS Cachan

2013-2014 — L3, 1st year at ENS Cachan

Lycée Joffre Prepa class in maths and physics

2012-2013 — MP*

2011-2012 — MPSI


11th at the Prologin 2014 competition (national french cs & programming contest)