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Joining MPRI-AFP (Second year)

The research master affiliated with the Computer Science Department of ENS Paris-Saclay is the Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science (MPRI-AFP), open to French or international students, with courses given in English and French.

The programme consists of two years (M1 and M2). Candidates may apply for both or for only one year, depending on their curriculum. This page describes the procedure for entering in the second year and the scholarship programmes available for this purpose. For joining in the first year, see here.

The purpose of the programme is to train future research scientists through intensive exposure to contemporary research in computer science. It is open to students who have completed a French Licence or equivalent Bachelor's degree at a French or foreign college or university. For full details about the programme, see the MPRI-AFP web site.


To enter in the second year, you must have completed your first year either within the framework of another research-oriented or professionally-oriented Master at a French college or university, or at a foreign university. Precise entrance requirements are given on the MPRI-AFP website.


The second year of the MPRI-AFP programme is jointly organised by ENS Paris-Saclay and other schools in the Paris region. Apply here.


Students in financial need may apply for a scholarship to support their participation in the MPRI-AFP programme. Several scholarship programmes are available from different donors, with different conditions and different deadlines from March to June. Applications are continuously evaluated during this period.

The programmes for 2018/19 are listed below. Note that you should not contact those programmes directly unless asked to do so by us. Keep in mind that if you apply early, your chances of getting a scholarship may be higher. On the other hand, if you wish to include your latest academic results in your application, you may choose to wait and apply later.

  • International scholarships ENS Paris-Saclay

    ENS Paris-Saclay offers a few scholarships for foreign master students. Information about this program will be available soon.

  • Digicosme scholarships

    The Labex Digicosme offers master scholarships for French or foreign students; MPRI-AFP students are eligible. Scholarships are for two years and can cover, for instance, the second year of the MPRI-AFP and one year of PhD studies. Deadline beginning of June.

    Detailed information

  • IDEX Saclay scholarships

    This is a scholarship programme for international students with an option to finance the second year of the master programme. The selection for this programme will happen in two waves. The deadline for the first wave is July 15th 2018, and for the second September 15th, 2018.

    Detailed information


Please address any questions you may have about this subject to scholarship [at] dptinfo.ens-cachan.fr.

Note that ENS has prepared a document for foreign students that explains about housing, insurance, and social security; it is available in English and French.

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